All about Contact Pages & Forms

Once a client as agreed on to have CWP build a website for them, one of our early conversations will be about the pages needed, wanted and of course not wanted or needed. During those discussions, we often get push back on whether or not there should be the “Contact Us” page with a contact form on it. Our recommendation is without a doubt that there should be a contact us page. Why you ask? Our top 5 reasons are as follows.

  1. First and foremost, having a contact page can seriously reduce frustration, which is always a good thing.
  2. Once someone reaches out via the contact us page and form, you can integrate that data with your other tools. Have an automatic/standard reply confirming that the email was received, track the issue or questions, even create a follow-up email sequence if warranted.
  3. Contact forms allow for simple redirects to team members. Depending on the tools being used, logic can be applied and the message can be sent to the appropriate department (pre-sales, support, etc)
  4. Using a contact form is even better vs using an email address since users will be able to get in touch from within your website. That way, when they’re done reaching out, they can continue to peruse your site.
  5. Reduce Spam Emails: By using the ReCaptcha services via the form instead of a raw/direct email address (i.e., you will reduce the overall amount of spam you get, which is also a good thing!

Now that you are convinced on having the page with a form on it, what should your form have and/or be required?

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Method of preferred contact for followup (phone/email)
  • Inquiry Type (General, pre-sales, support)*
  • Text entry box.

*Some additional fields such as Product licenses #, screen shot/images upload or added text fields would appear based on the initial questions as the form would have logic assigned to the answers.

Don’t forget that the page itself should also indicate some information about you/the business. Standard information would include:

  • General Location
  • Hours
  • Tel #
  • Links to social media channels.

As far as design, have fun but keep it simple and clean. Perhaps you add your overall style and company tone to the page. You want to ask the right amount of questions but no more than what is really needed. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with a form.

Last but not least, you’ll need the “thank you page” once the form is submitted. We recommend adding a Call to Action on that page as well. Again, keep it simple. The key here is to be of service.